Our Chickens

(Yes, we also eat them!)

This is a difficult page to keep up, so we won’t try to update photos of our birds! But  poultry is our passion and we love our chickens & ducks. We love to have them, watch them, hatch them raise them and sometimes, EAT them….. After they have had a great life and painless death.


We maintain a blog of our poultry with tons of information, photos and more. We urge you to visit there, OFTEN, to learn about raising these fun animals. Here is the link:




Our chickens free-range in the desert during the daytime, watched over by our mixed Great Pyrenees, Cascade. Cascade has been raised with the birds and as a guardian dog, guards them relentlessly! At night, the birds put themselves to “bed” in their coops and we close them in to protect from coyotes and other nighttime predators.


Throughout the night, Cascade has an ear to “his” birds, listening for their distinct predator warning. When it comes, usually 2-3 times nightly, he makes sure we are awakened! We grab a gun and rush out, seldom finding anything, but insuring the flock’s well being!


This is a mixed flock of chickens and ducks. The chickens are Dark Cornish & Pioneer. There are several Pioneer roosters, a Rhode Island Red (a rescue), a Golden Laced Wyandotte, a White Leghorn (rescue) and one Dark Cornish rooster. Dark Cornish roosters are VERY aggressive and not suitable for free ranging as they become feral and will attack humans regularly, so only one remains!


Of course because of this diversity, the flock is hybridizing into mixed breeds. However, only the most vigorous of hens are allowed to live as laying hens. The rest, extra roosters included, become meals for us!


The flock is maintained at around 100 birds. These lay 2-3 dozen eggs daily. Those we cannot eat, are sold locally.


Robert spent several years in the commercial egg business. In it, he learned intensive flock management, husbandry, rotation, egg grading & care and most importantly, poultry nutrition. He also spent one year working in a feed mill where specific feeds were ground & mixed to specs for individual ranches and for retail sale.


Of course he saw the worst conditions for poultry in the chicken houses of the egg farm and learned what NOT to do, along with what TO do. We have carefully developed a feed mix over the last 15 years, that provides superior nutrition for the birds, as well as keeping them busy scratching around throughout the day.


Our YOUTUBE videos about our “Secret Feed Mix” have had thousands of views and we receive questions almost daily about poultry nutrition! Since we are self-taught on this subject, we spend a great deal of time researching the answers, to insure that the correct advice is always given about poultry nutrition! Our poultry feed mix can be downloaded here!


The most interesting thing about our poultry, is not the poultry themselves, but their housing! We have constructed, well ARE constructing all the coops out of masonry and empty glass bottles! Our bottle nest boxes are interesting, unique and functional!


After receiving many requests for information on flock management, we created and maintain a blog about chickens (and other poultry) and their care. The best information we can provide, is always placed there, along with interesting tidbits. Become a follower and visit often!