Living Debt & Credit Free

As “baby boomers”, we were raised, like most Americans, to want and NEED credit! We paid the price for that, three times! In 1985, Robert earned $102,000 as a sales manager at a Houston car dealership. We spent $103,000!


At least three generations of Americans have been raised, GROOMED, to feel the need to have a “high credit score”, so they can buy the things they want (not need, want). This has converted the greatest civilization the world has seen, into a consumer culture, driven to instant gratification by purchasing things they don’t need, but have been brainwashed by slick advertising campaigns into believing they need, NOW!!!!!


A generation ago, we were appalled that the Japanese were getting 100 year mortgages on homes. Yet today, never mind the National debt children are born into, most American adults have debt that will never be paid off while they are alive and WILL be passed on to their children and grand-children. A new term; “life debt” has become something that we all just accept as part of being alive!




Perhaps the better question would be: “Who out there does NOT want us to regain control over our lives?” Think about that for a moment…………. The answer would be: anyone who does not want us to have the free time and resources to stop and think and examine what processes are going on in the world. Some 20 years ago, Robert’s nephew spoke of a book where the core message was that Americans were conditioned to live from paycheck to paycheck, buying everything including groceries on credit, watching football on TV and drinking Budweiser! Prove otherwise!


There is a way to break free from this slave cycle of life debt and gluttonous consumerism. But like everything that is good for you, there is pain attached. Dave Ramsey, America’s financial guru, says it best when he says his mantra of: “Live like no one else now. So later, you can live like no one else!”


Like all things however, this is extremely hard to begin and like a journey of a thousand miles, it begins with a single step……. And that single step is the most difficult part of the journey!


You have to first decide to NOT play the mindless consumer any longer. If your clothes are in good shape, shoes included ladies, YOU DON”T NEED NEW ONES! If your car starts and drives you where you want to go: YOU DON’T NEED A NEW ONE! If you watch keeps time, YOU DON’T NEED A NEW ONE! If your smartass phone connects your phone calls, YOU DON’T NEED A NEW ONE! Trust us, no one REALLY wants to see what you are eating for lunch, or a picture of your cat sitting in your slipper……… However, they DO want YOU to see theirs! STOP PLAYING THE IDIOT CONSUMER!


Suddenly, you have money in your pocket….. to buy things with? NO! To pay off the debts you owe. Robert has a different idea than Dave Ramsey on this. Ramsey says to pay off all your debts, one at a time, eating rice & beans until they are paid. Robert says file bankruptcy on the bastards that trained you to buy worthless crap on credit! They conned you into doing it, let THEM eat the rice & beans. Ditch the debt!


Give back the car AND the $600 a month payments and buy a “hoopty” that will get you to work and to the store. Can’t trust it to make it to Florida? DON’T GO TO FLORIDA UNTIL YOU CAN AFFORD TO PAY CASH FOR A CAR THAT WILL MAKE IT!


Need something, not want, NEED? Do as your grandparents, or great-grandparents did. Do without it and save up until you can pay cash for it.


Got a mortgage? Upside down or “underwater” on it. Let the bank have it! They should not have given you that much money if the house was not worth the price. Let them have it and rent something you CAN afford until you can pay cash for something you WANT to own that if worth the price.


The funny thing about showing people little green pieces of paper with pictures of old, white men on them, is that prices become VERY negotiable. Far MORE negotiable than when your hat is in your hand and you are begging to be LOANED the money to buy it!


Live in a tent on bare land if you have to. Building codes and butt-crack building inspectors say you cannot? Some 32 counties in America say you CAN! Buy land in one of these and become a member of a vibrant population of “New Homesteaders” who are building lives, one $3.00, 2”x4” at a time!


We paid $3000 for 20 acres of land that WE, not some mortgage company, WE, own. Over six years, we have built a HUGE home and farm on this land, one 2”x4” and one solar panel at a time. Our journey of a thousand miles is over halfway traveled. Yours can be too…… but first you must take that first, single step toward breaking the slave cycle of life-debt and rampant consumerism!


Dave Ramsey and others can help better than we can, but we and thousands of other Americans are proof it can be done. When you HAVE done it, you will find yourself looking at the guy in the new Cadillac not with envy, but with pity knowing he has to cough up $700 a month to pay the bank 50% more than the car was worth originally, while your hoopty that will get you to the same place just as fast, was paid for when you took possession of the title.


As you begin this frightening (and it is….. To you) journey into financial freedom, always remember that it is NOT how much money you make, it is how much money you KEEP! Suddenly, everything will appear in a new light! Walk toward that light!


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