Visit The Eco-Ranch!

We are passionate about what we are creating here and want to share it with the world! For that reason, we always welcome visitors with an open door and a smile! Anyone is welcome to visit here, stay and learn about the project and New Homesteading and even (especially) pitch in and work with us!


We have created a small camping area that can accommodate tents, trailers & large RVs. Like the rest of the Eco-Ranch, it is under construction, but we will provide you with all the water you need and if our cords are long enough, electricity. Eventually we will have all this and a shower room at the campground. For now, it is a beautiful place to stay with a view of Agua Fria Mountain, Big Bend National Park, Big Bend Ranch State Park and sunrise & sunset!


There are two main ways into the project, we recommend phoning us from Alpine to get directions and to find out if both roads are passable.  But many are adventurous like we are and will want to use their GPS and “wing it”. So, here are our GPS coordinates, taken from the driveway:





A word of caution though, this is a remote area. Hand phone reception stops just south of Alpine and does not pick up again until you get to Study Butte, 15 miles south of the Eco-Ranch. For those who still have a CB radio, we do monitor channel 33, but you need to be in range of our squelch. If you phone from Alpine though, we will adjust our radio.


Also, this is a wild desert! There are snakes, but you won’t see them…… most of the time and they stay away from humans. Still, don’t trust ANY snake, but don’t try to kill them either. Snakes, even rattlesnakes, play an important part in the ecosystem. Wild animals are just that, wild animals. Those little “pigs” are Javelinas and have nasty tempers, coyotes are as dangerous as any dog their size and the seemingly tame donkeys can spook and deliver a death kick, front, rear AND sideways! Cactus hurt and many have mild toxins that are unpleasant. Besides being protected by State law, this area is all private land and digging plants is technically theft.


Deserts are HOT! Humidity is low! You can dehydrate easily AND suffer from the intense sunlight! Bring water, wear a hat & cover your body. Tanning is for the beach! Out here, the sun & heat can kill the careless! Even illegals avoid this desert and cross in safer places!


These are simple, common sense warnings, not designed to frighten anyone, but to inform! We live here with no issues and you can have a safe, pleasant visit!



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