The Eco-Ranch project is unique in many ways! It is a project that uses, reuses and “re-purposes” materials that would have otherwise found their way into landfills. It is also a project that is 100% “do-it-yourself”, demonstrating how expensive mortgage loans, insurance requirements and unnecessary regulation can be eliminated, or at least reduced to manageable levels. It also reflects the use of 100% sustainable energy to run the entire ranch, harmless water collection & triple use, as well as sustainable food production, INCLUDING protein (meat) production.


These things alone make it  a worthy project to support. However, we have designed the structures to be educational and large enough to accommodate large groups of people. We will not live forever, but we hope the Eco-Ranch will! Our plan it to deed the property to a worthy group. This would preferably be a Texas University, but could also be the State Park system, or a private non-profit that promotes sustainable living. This is the reason the project is so large and also the reason we ask for help in the form of donations of material, cash, or labor to complete the construction.


The simple fact is that the Western world, led by America, has created a lifestyle that is VERY attractive to the rest of the world. Everyone wants to live like we do in the West! However, the damage to eco-systems, water, ocean life, climate and biodiversity we now see, is the result of only about ONE billion people living the Western lifestyle.


India, Africa, the Middle East, Southeast Asia and of course: CHINA, all want this lifestyle. The simple truth is that for these FIVE BILLION additional people to live as we have will require the resources of TWO AND A HALF PLANET EARTHS. We only see one planet!


This project and others like it can be showplaces for not only the developing world to emulate, but for we in the West to strive for. Whatever your politics, even if you choose to believe the 3% of scientists who are climate change deniers, you cannot dismiss or find unattractive, the use of technologies that will save you huge amounts of money. Projects like our Eco-Ranch do this. For this reason these are worthy of you support, even if it is only a few dollars!


Below are some ways you can help us finish this project. Physical labor is also welcomed and this area is a wonderful vacation destination!

PAYPAL: money can be sent directly to us at:


GOFUNDME: our GOFUNDME page is: https://gofundme/eco-ranch


GIFT CARDS: we buy materials from: Home Depot, Lowe’s, McCoys & Walmart. Any gift card from one of these can be used for building materials.


YOUTUBE: Our YOUTUBE channel, has a donate button on the upper right corner. Clicking this takes you to PAYPAL.


Old fashioned mail: Our address is on the home page and anything can always be sent directly to us there.


Donations are not tax-deductible. We are not a non-profit for a number of very good reasons. However, we are NOT soliciting donations for our personal living expenses, ONLY for the construction of the project.


Thank you for any help!



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