Have Robert Speak At Your Venue!

New homesteading, raising backyard poultry, eliminating debt & living without the shackles of a

“life-debt”, growing your own food sustainably and using alternative power & construction methods, all sound intimidating. They are not. What they are, is something different, something the mainstream media and so-called “reality” television programs are trying to portray as the lives of tin-foil-hat wearing, sovereign nation types of hipster beard sporting weirdos, or jumbo bellied gun-toting, unwashed cretins who think a family reunion is a good place to “pick up chicks”!


Making this lifestyle as unappealing a possible, insures that people will not be overly anxious to leave the comfort of their $2500 a month mortgage and $600 a month car payments to attempt. But it is not so and shouldn’t be portrayed in that manner!


With his own brand of dry humor, a dose of highly animated true life stories and a lifetime of practice, Robert can bring this life, to LIFE to your audience! Students, clubs, church groups, any audience will be both educated and entertained to learn that “New Homesteading” is not about camping on your own land and living like a refugee, but more like Luke Skywalker’s home with his aunt & uncle in the first Star Wars movie: a self-sufficient comfortable place with all the modern conveniences and NO connection to the outside world that is not wanted!


Robert is available to come to your function and present a 30-60 minute talk and Power Point presentation, with question & answers after the presentation.


Here is a short video of what to expect VIDEO.


The appearance fee, per lecture, is $200, plus any travel, accommodation and food expenses. Robert will also bring some Eco-Ranch merchandise like: coffee mugs, mouse pads and baseball caps that he will have available for sale after the presentation.


For more information, or to book a presentation, contact us!